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Why not call in and have a drink with the locals? At Kelly's Bar on the Green, expect to enjoy a warm welcome from father and son owners, John and Eoin, when visiting our family-owned traditional bar and restaurant.


Whether you are looking to enjoy a cosy night of drinks by the fire with friends, or are ready to take the mic on one of our many sing-song nights with John and friends, Kelly's Bar most definitely has something for you.


Our diverse drinks menu caters to a wide audience, from drinkers of a pint of the "black stuff" to whiskey and wine connoisseurs. And for those nights out and special occasions, our cocktail menu is always ready to delight.


The expansive restaurant and bar facilities at Kelly's Bar allows us to entertain guests for any occasion. From pulling up a seat to the main bar, to enjoying delicious food in our purpose-built outdoor dining area, choose your setting and then kick back and relax.


Kelly’s Bar


Main bar
Top Deck
Dart lounge
Outdoor street area
Yard outdoor dining
High-bench dining in The Well
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